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Imagery in the vision drawings arrives to me during times of contemplation or meditation: usually when I am sitting or walking in nature. Images advance and recede in my mind like events recalled from adventures in sleep, their flow and ebb operating according to a principle that is not foreign to me, but is beyond my control. I note them down in an attempt that is itself meditative, so the completed drawings can be used as aids for further meditation. Their forms focus my vision. Their essence incites a feeling I can only describe as a quickening: something coming alive. This essence is of greatest importance to me, and helps me determine whether I have made a successful work. I am not interested so much in the quality of line or the wash of a particular colour or the visual accuracy with which I have or have not rendered a form. Not necessarily. I am interested in how formal elements work together to transmit the emotional and spiritual significances of what I have "seen". The heart resonance. The revelation. The first waking second after a dream.